‘Monobloc’ is a hands-on project by Bert Loeschner about the ‘infamous garden chair’ and its role in design culture. Like other everyday objects we have a the certain unremovable picture in mind when thinking of the monobloc chair. Loeschner uses this picture as a canvas, asking questions about the value of innovation, aesthetics and functionality in our way of consuming. Besides its function as a seating furniture, the chair also exists to represent, present, communicate, protect, assist, to confine and so on. Displaying the emotional design of the chair, it is just a logic consequence that a waterproof garden chair has to carry an umbrella.(via)


I don’t see what’s extraordinary about the Virgin Mary.
Because I watched MTV yesterday
And I saw Virgin Marys
Getting pregnant having babies
Like it was ordinary


Giant Rock Finds Natural Balance via My Modern Metropolis

Some say satan cum hot
But you can’t make the devil burst
Because I know
What hurts worst
Is what he want
Is never what we go t


Retro-Futurism and Shit

(Source: pinupsamurai)